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About Yeo LED

Yeo LED was founded due to our passion of technology in lighting. Our mission is to make YeoLED the best LED Company in the UK. We will achieve our goals by offering premium products at the lowest prices but also providing the best customer and after-care service in the industry. We know we are nothing without our customers and our undertaking is to exceed customer expectations whenever we can.

  • Instant Brilliant Light – LED lights provide instant brilliant light, unlike compact fluorescent bulbs that need time to warm up.

  • Environmentally Friendly – Using less power means less polluting emissions in the environment, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and reducing the effect of global warming.

  • Save Money - LEDs use even less power than a compact fluorescent energy saving light bulb, saving money on your electricity bills. LEDs are long lasting with up to 50,000 hour life span. If you use the lights 8 hours a day, then the lifespan of the LED would be over 17 years.

  • 5 Years Warranty – All our LED Lighting carries a 2 years standard manufacturing warranty, it can be extended to 5 years by applying for it.

With our factory based in China and design team in the UK, we can tailor make any lighting products based on your requirements..

From LED chip to LED strip light, bespoke sized LED panel light etc... Just contact us if you have a project in mind we can help you through.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have, simply call us on

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